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  • Representation of Persons in Oklahoma Charged with the Crime of (DUI) Driving Under the Influence.
  • Representation of Persons in Oklahoma Charged with other related Crimes, such as Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS), Possession of CDS with Intent to Distribute, which occur as a result of a persons stop and arrest for Driving Under the Influence.
  • Representation of Persons in Oklahoma Charged with all other types of Alcohol Related Offenses, including but not limited to: Aggravated DUI, Manslaughter, Causing an Accident which resulted in Great Bodily Injury, Murder in a Vehicular Accident.
  • Representation of Persons in Oklahoma whose Drivers Licenses are being revoked or Suspended as a result of a Drinking and Driving Offense or any other type of Drivers License Revocation.

The attorneys at Fabian & Associates, Inc., P.C., in Oklahoma City stand ready to provide the finest in legal representation for people charged with (DUI) Driving Under the Influence and other Alcohol or Drug related charges.

For the past 30 years, Mr. Fabian has been the recognized leader in this field in the State of Oklahoma. A trend setter, in Defending persons represented with these Crimes, Mr. Fabian's record in successfully defending persons charged with driving under the influence, is without equal. In Oklahoma, a person has two unique problems to confront. The Criminal Charges, and the Revocation of their Drivers license.

During the first 14 years of his practice, and while running a thriving private practice of law in the Civil Areas of Law, Mr. Fabian, was the full time General Counsel with the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety and the Highway Patrol. He ran the Legal Division of the Dept. of Public Safety, which is the division that handles all drivers license revocation hearings for persons who lost their drivers license under the Oklahoma Implied Consent Law, for taking a chemical test and Scoring over .10 (now .08), and for people refusing to submit to a chemical test. Mr. Fabian has been involved in more Implied Consent Hearings than any lawyer in the State of Oklahoma. During his Career with the Dept. of Public Safety, Mr. Fabian Lectured in each Breathlyzer School taught by the Oklahoma Board of Tests for Alcohol and Drug Influence, to Certify Police officers to administer Breathlyzer and other Chemical Tests to persons arrested for Driving Under the Influence.

Recently Mr. Fabian, discovered that one piece of equipment used by the Oklahoma Board of Tests for Alcohol and Drug Influence for testing persons charged with DUI, was not properly approved by the Board in compliance with the Oklahoma Administrative Procedures Act. The result of this discovery, has been the inadmissability of tests taken using this particular machine. The Board of Tests has been forced to recall these machines. Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for you, not all of the machines have been taken out of service, and are still being used to test arrested Drinking Drivers. This issue must be raised by the lawyer at the proper time, in order for you to take advantage of this problem, and avoid the Revocation of your Drivers License as a result of a test taken on this equipment, and to keep the test from being used against you.

It is your rights that are our upmost concern. Don't miss the opportunity to have your case reviewed, and your rights explained to you by Oklahoma's Premier DUI Attorney. The Initial case review and consultation is "Free", and you are under no obligation to hire us to represent you. Take advantage of this opportunity and you will come away with the Knowledge and Information you need to make an informed and intelligent decision about your future, and your representation. Remember, "Knowledge is Power". Empower yourself to make the right decisions. Time is of the essence, as you only have 15 days from the date of your Arrest to Request a hearing before the Dept. of Public Safety. Call immediately to schedule your "NO RISK" interview with Mr. Fabian.

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