Oklahoma DUI Attorneys - Stephen G. Fabian, JR

Stephen G. Fabian, JR

A practicing attorney in Oklahoma since 1973, Mr. Fabian is renowned for his innovative, aggressive, and precedent setting defenses in DUI and driver's license cases, Mr. Fabian is dreaded by prosecuting attorneys and police officers in Oklahoma. Considered as a formidable opponent by all prosecutors state-wide, Mr. Fabian has few, if ANY, peers in his defense of his clients arrested for DUI and the related driver's license problems that come with these arrests.

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Oklahoma DUI Attorneys - Michael O'Brien

Michael O'Brien

Mr. O'Brien has been certified by the Oklahoma Board of Tests as a Breathalyzer Operator, as well as, a Breathalyzer Maintenance Supervisor. He has taught training courses for the State of Oklahoma to Police Officers on the operation of both the Breathalyzer AND Intoxilyzer 5000. Prior to becoming an attorney.

Mr. O'Brien was a Police Officer for the Oklahoma City Police Department for five years before becoming an attorney. During this period, he made over 500 arrests for DUI. He has administered several HUNDRED breath tests to persons of all ages. Very FEW attorneys can bring the knowledge, insight, experience, and background to the defense of a person arrested for DUI or APC. He knows how an arrest is SUPPOSED to be made and how a breath test is SUPPOSED to be done. If an error was made in his client's case, he can find it and use it to his client's advantage in defending either the criminal part, OR the driver's license part, of a DUI or APC.

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